Monday, November 21, 2011

Thank-you week

This week I'm preparing to have my boyfriend's friends and family over for turkey day. The kids will be with their dad this year, but I've persuaded them to join us here for dessert. The Martha Stewart in me is having herself a regular field day, gathering recipes, table-setting ideas, etc. What am I thankful for? So much, really. I've decided to write thank you notes to the handful of teachers who've made a difference in my kids' lives. These select individuals have gone out of their comfort zones to inspire them in ways I never could. I need to let them know this ... ASAP!

Here are my "likes" this week, all of which I'm utterly thankful for:

Doing an easier-than-traditional turkey this year. Most of the work can be done the night before and I can be a guest at my own party!

This video's a masterpiece.

Really into this show right now. Stands the test of time.

We cannot not make these.

Remember this show? Takes me straight back to my nine-year-old youth!

Really nice views of clouds.

Wishing you a blessed week with family and friends. xo

*Photo by the marvelous Melissa Mathieson

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