Thursday, April 26, 2012


“My kids are starting to notice I'm a little different from the other dads. 'Why don't you have a straight job like everyone else?' they asked me the other day. 

I told them this story: 
In the forest, there was a crooked tree and a straight tree. Every day, the straight tree would say to the crooked tree, 'Look at me ... I'm tall, and I'm straight, and I'm handsome. Look at you ... you're all crooked and bent over. No one wants to look at you.' And they grew up in that forest together. And then one day the loggers came, and they saw the crooked tree and the straight tree, and they said, 'Just cut the straight trees and leave the rest.' So the loggers turned all the straight trees into lumber and toothpicks and paper. And the crooked tree is still there, growing stronger and stranger every day.” 

- Tom Waits

a thing of beauty

Needs no explanation ... just listen. To the end.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

happy happy joy joy

I challenged myself to find the happy this week. Here are just some of the results, in no particular order:

My daughter's photography:

Photo by Melissa Mathieson

Two good hair days.

Brief encounter with a girlfriend whose mere presence is like a breath of fresh air.

Hi-fiving my coworker who just sold a 24-page ad spread.

Multiple reruns of my favorite show.

Consoling an old friend who is really hurting and being able to say "I've been there ... and you're going to be OK."

Waking my daughter with good morning hugs (x5).

A really good cover

Morning view of a picture-perfect day - complete with a generous peek of blue-green ocean -  from my bathroom window.

A $5 bouquet of California lilacs. The scent alone was worth the price!

Chocolate. (Guaranteed to land a spot on any happy list I ever make.)

My boyfriend's description of my back. (He's in favor of it.)

When my coworker says “OH GEEZ” in his best Minnesota accent.

Fitting into my skinny jeans. By skinny jeans I mean my mom jeans one size smaller, so not the skimpy things my daughter wears.

My son's overnight visit during which the three of us watched The Muppet Movie on DVD. Belly laughs!

This happy song

And the best: This blog was just picked up as a featured blog by ISpy Studio, an online artists showcase created by my friend and professional mentor. So honored!

I admit this week's happiness experiment began as something inspiring to post on my facebook page on a Monday morning (My 140 friends will tell you I'm weirdly obsessed!), but in pledging to redirect my attitude for one week, I ended up with five of the more positive days I've experienced in a long time. No amazing trips, no hot dates, no lottery winnings. Instead, just the little things ... those split second joys that make you smile briefly just before plunging yourself back into the harsh realities of the day. Giving them much more prominence this week made all the difference.

This is the stuff that will comprise my memories in that not-too-distant future when I fully embrace my naturally white hair and make my way around town in my Hoveround. So why is it that I am so often consumed by the deadlines, the stress, the sadness, the loss? Like a good friend reminded me this week: "Happy happy joy joy." I can't think of a better mantra.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Sam Phillips - "Same Rain"