Monday, December 19, 2011

let your heart be light

M. & Zooey

Let your heart be light
From now on
our troubles will be out of sight

A week before Christmas and the stores are jammed with beady-eyed shoppers seeking last-minute perfection - I was out there and it wasn't pretty. Back at home, I ran out of christmas lights and only 2/3 of the tree is lit. Also my house is a mess and I haven't the time nor the inspiration for the dish I'm supposed to bring to the holiday potluck tomorrow. In other news, I'm standing before a judge this morning to finalize child/spousal support issues with my ex - not expecting a good outcome. In its present condition, my heart is quite the opposite of light, with my damn troubles ruling the day. Maybe this stuff will help:

Christmas made merrier...

Yankee Swap!

First American ever to dance at Russia's Bolshoi ballet. Take that, bullies!

Sure, we want the truth. But what we really want is to fit in with our friends. So say the experts at Freakanomics.

All of the answers to the story of Christmas, as told by little ones.

Kissing by the Christmas tree. Love. This. Blog.

What makes life worth living?

Seems to me Jesus would have approved of both of these modern Christmas carols. Thank you, Tim Minchin and Rufus Wainright!

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