Monday, December 26, 2011

the goodness of life

"One of the advantages of getting old is that you just let go of a lot of things you never needed in the first place ... and all the colors are more vibrant, and every day is sweeter. And when that snow fell I held out my arms as it fell down on my face and my hair. It stood for the goodness of life. If we can't hold onto it, we just have to enjoy it." - Garrison Keillor, "The News from Lake Wobegon"

Love this. And it couldn't have come to me at a better time, as the post-Christmas letdown is already rearing its ugly head. Yet I am reminded the good stuff abounds, like fresh memories with my beautiful children and homemade cranberry caramel oatmeal bars on the kitchen counter. Whatever joys you're experiencing in your life at the moment, I wish you a week of enjoying them to the fullest!  Here are a few more I recently spotted in my virtual world:

My son could have written this letter to Santa in his earlier years.

The Christmas CD A Very She & Him Christmas got me thinking how much I adore M. Ward all on his own. Here's one of his best.

How would you describe the world in one word?

Loved this tribute to musicians lost in 2011.

Tina Fey's prayer for her daughter. Perfection!

We are dogsitting this week. Oh how I miss having a dog in my life! Speaking of which, how cute is this?

Just cause I needed a laugh!

I've perfected this winter body diet! "If it doesn't have a crust, don't eat it." lol!

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