Monday, May 24, 2010

Manic Monday

Only yesterday I made a big deal about counting blessings — even posted a sugary sweet blog about it. But tonight my many failures, or should I say, disappointments, are taking center stage. It usually starts with a small disaster. Like doing the dishes when a half-drunk glass of milk flies out of my hand and on to the edge of the sink, drenching my Kitchen Aid mixer, blender, and pretty much the entire right side of the countertop. I'd reached my limit. The tears came. And I counted:

1. That damn speeding ticket needs to be taken care of.
2. I really thought I had more money in the bank.
3. Work is completely uninspiring lately. And they don't pay me close to what I'm worth.
4. Cliffie's making an issue out of not wanting to go to the awards ceremony tomorrow. I keep telling him it's disrespectful not to go, but he "doesn't see the point." The point is it's disrespectful not to go.
5. I spent much of the weekend housecleaning and it took less than a full day for it to become a cluttered mess once again.
6. I miss my brother.
7. I don't get this thermostat. It's either too cold or too hot in this house.
8. My energy level is zero and I have three b-day/graduation presents to wrap, package, and mail.
9. Melissa's leaving for San Francisco w/the eighth grade class tomorrow. I'll really miss her. I should have chaperoned.
10. Villianous bugs are munching at the sunflower seedlings I just planted. And some of the veggies I planted aren't coming up at all.
11.  A particular teacher threatened Melissa w/not going to San Francisco even though she is getting much higher than a passing grade in the class.
12. How will I ever manage to put these two deserving children through college?
13. I told my sister I'd call. She is in the beginning stages of going through a divorce from hell. Are the women in my family completely cursed when it comes to choosing men?
14. Two recently purchased pairs of pants shrunk in the length after I washed them. Why didn't I buy "tall"? They also shrunk in other areas, incidentally.
15. I may never see Paris.
16. Broke my sunglasses. Again.

I'll stop there. Crying over spilt milk? How cliché! Believe it or not, these are the kinds of things that used to send me spiraling into deep depression. But through the years I've learned to see them as merely annoying realities. Let's face it, I've been through much worse. I'll feel better in the morning when once again all will be well in my world. Well, almost. I'll be squinting in the sunlight sans sunglasses. Then again, aren't they forecasting rain?


  1. Ahh! How we can all relate! I have actually experienced something like that a few years back, starting with a silly spilt glass of milk! =)

  2. Oh, sweet Kirsten, the list is different for us all, but it helps to know we all have one. As for me, I tell my self " This Monday shall pass", and then try to be extra nice to myself, extra gentle with myself, and it seems to help.

    Have I mentioned lately how much I love, admire, and respect you? Well, I do my soul sister! Thank you for sharing this, and relating with us in such a beautiful and sincere way!

  3. Thanks to both of you for the sisterhood and support. Since I wrote this, I've become aware of a couple of friends who are going through much more difficult situations in their lives. Still, I well know that it's the day-to-day, trivial things that are our true challenges. "Crop Dr.," you told me once that when things get real hard, to take care of myself like I'd take care of my own children. It's become an affirmation of mine (although you wouldn't know it by the above blog!). If I'm well, those around me will be all the better. Very wise words, my friend.

  4. Thanks for sharing. Your insight is wonderful. Yes, tomorrow will be a new day to do good things for yourself and for others.

    Keep writing, reading your posts encourage ma and brighten my day.