Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The gap between washer and dryer

This area is one of the many black holes in my house. It contains a knee-high stocking, a black sock, a rolled-up pair of sport socks, a dime, a plastic fixture I can't identify, 2 used dryer sheets, a gold candy wrapper, a sample-size spray bottle of fabric freshener (left by previous tenant), lots of lint. Really hard to get into that narrow space to clean it. So every time I do the wash I avert my gaze and pretend the black hole doesn't exist. Something else may drop down, but I don't care... will deal with it later. A part of me truly believes that once the black hole is clutter free and spotless, my life will be too.

A worse dark hole is the space between Cliffie's bed and the wall. Scary. I once found an uneaten ham sandwich I'd packed in his lunch a few months earlier there.

Update: Since I wrote this over a year ago, my dryer died and was replaced. Ideal opportunity to sweep away all of the above mentioned — including the previous tenant's fabric freshener. A year later, my life's far from clutter free and spotless — there are more than a few untold messes in other areas of the house — and my life. But in the midst of it all, an unbelievable amount of clarity and sense of purpose has emerged. The other day I discovered a collection of empty water bottles between Cliffie's bed and wall. Better than an old ham sandwich. Things are improving...

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  1. I know of these things you are talking about!A relative of mine once found a zip lock bag of urine under the bed of her creative young son!! This has helped me keep my perspective at the crazy things I have come across in my children's room, dark holes or under beds!! =D