Saturday, October 13, 2012

sunny someday

I was in a good place mentally prior to seating myself on my bench of choice at the ranch today. Strange, because nothing's really changed in my life. I'm at the same job, with the same guy, have the same single working mom challenges, still want to lose 10 pounds. Not long ago I experienced a month-long freak-out, worrying about everything in my life to the point of a cumulative downward spiral. But I did one thing right during that time of personal crisis: I prayed for clarity and peace. I believe that prayer was answered.

The fact that I even have a "bench of choice" is a blessing. There's a spot along my hiking route that has the most amazing ocean view, and I've been plopping myself down on the dirt there for years. A few months ago someone mounted a bench right there - a deluxe work-of-art in memory of someone who surely loved the view as much as I do. 

Two rainy days yielded to the most lovely Saturday. You know how crisp and clean everything is after a good rain? Today was like that on steroids. It was as if I had blinders on to all of my life's negatives. I counted my blessings, which included: My amazing children, Trader Joe's pumpkin cream cheese spread, the great music I'm listening to lately, said boyfriend, and a million other wonderful things happening in my life right now.

Blinders? Or should I choose to make ALL of this my reality? "NONE OF IT IS BAD," said my God when I stopped to listen. "IT IS ALL WONDERFUL. EVEN WHEN YOU CAN'T SEE IT, IT IS ALL WONDERFUL." 

Here are some photo-memories, and my musical ode to that divine sentiment/picture-perfect day:

Sunny Someday on Youtube

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  1. Thanks for the nice read and pretty pics. Excellent as usual. Thinking of you and hoping you are well. Brother Doug