Saturday, March 24, 2012

the junk corner and other things I need to deal with

The above image is an accurate visual representation of my life lately. I've spent three hours goofing off on the computer this morning in avoidance of this and a million other scenes like it - in my house and in my life. But the disorganization around me is starting to mess with my self-esteem. Proactive action must be taken. Immediately.

First I will eat the two Girl Scout cookies contained in the white bowl pictured above ... (Lemon and a bit stale. And there was only one. Still totally worth the distraction!)

Other things I need to deal with today:

1. Purchase and replace battery in smoke detector (pictured). This was ripped out of the ceiling when it started beeping incessantly a couple of weeks ago. It's the one right outside my daughter's bedroom. This is No. 1 because I'll be reported to Social Services if I don't take care of this pronto. 

2. Dishes. I'm not the type who leaves dirty dishes in the sink, but due to my daughter not cleaning out the dishwasher (her job!) I had a good excuse. She completed the task 3 days ago.

3. Draft two heartfelt emails. Gotta go to that deep, thoughtful place to convey my sincerity toward both recipients. Watching youtube videos is so much easier!

4. Take care of ant problem in bathroom. I wiped out an entire colony with cleaning spray a couple of days ago. Now the unpleasant task of scooping up the remains. 

5. Sync my ipod for new music/podcasts. Dangerous territory here as it will draw me toward the object of my addiction. 

6. Untangle mass of cords beneath my computer monitor including outlets for memory card, speakers, i-pod sync, two pairs of ear buds, and at least 3 wires I cannot identify. (Lord, prevent me from logging onto Facebook to see how many friends liked the video I posted, while attempting to accomplish this task.)

7. Untangle a similar mass of tangled strands on my high dresser: About 7 necklaces intertwined with Lord knows what. There was something sticky there when I tried to retrieve a bracelet the other day.

8. Water and resuscitate dying houseplants. 


9. Go through contents of totebag I carry into the office each day. In it are "important" pieces of paperwork that should be dealt with THE DAY I take them to work. Some of the items have been in there since 1998.

10. Oh gosh ... TAXES!

11. Worse ... THE WASH! (about 16 loads should do it!)

12. Head over to Trader Joe's and stock up on wine. Priorities.

Wish me luck ... !

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  1. The dishes will wait, the plants will forgive you, and for the ants, I suggest you try Terro, you can get it at Cambria hardware for 3$ and it works great. No poison and no mess or smell. Its a non-toxic liquid that they come and get and take back home to their queen. No return visits and no clean up either.

    Can I have the other cookie when you find it? (grin)