Friday, August 6, 2010

eighties greaties

Happy weekend! I have decided this shall be a regular feature here. Don't know about you but not much makes me happier than delving back into the archives of my musical youth, specifically for me '82-'83. Back when music was fun. And cool. And there was a corny MTV video for each catchy tune. Anyone out there grow up in LA/Orange county and listen to KROQ? That station was on permanent play at high volume in my sky blue vw bug. Love it love it!

Selection 1: LA band The Plimsouls. Saw them in '82 at Cal State Fullerton and have been a Peter Case fan ever since. This band was featured in the quintessential 80s film "Valley Girl." Delighted to find this HQ video of "A Million Miles Away," complete w/pool party, big hair girl in leopard skin dress, and road trip to Mexico!  Enjoy!

 The Plimsouls: A Million Miles Away

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  1. How fun to get to read the Blog entries I somehow missed! OMG . . . I Like TOTALLY remember the movie Valley Girl (grin), AND the Plimsoles. This is a great song and thanks for a fun walk back in time =)